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Accurate Industrial Products

Electrical insulating flexible composite material is manufactured by composite of film, fiber wovens, non wovens, foils, kraft paper, insulating press paper & other homogeneus material can be combined together to obtain desired electrcial & mechanical properties at competitve price.

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Our wide range of applications

  • Rotating electrical machines
  • Electrical insulation isolation
  • Generators
  • Traction motors
  • Transformers
  • Insulation of profile conductors and cables – specially in electrically highly utilized systems

Range of Products

Insulation Flexible Composite

A highly performing solution for the insulation of electric motors, transformers & electrical machines with working temperatures up to class F.

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Polyester Film

It particularly suitable for applications in the field of electric insulation in machines up to class B (130°C), as Slot Insulation & Layer Insulation in coil winding.

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Crepe Paper

These papers are totally free from conductive particles and are used as insulation in Distribution, Power/ current /potential transformers.

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Insulation Paper

It is applied as Layer and Barrier insulation, Slot insulation in transformer, Dimmer, Variable transformer, electrical motor & wire covering.

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Epoxy Coated Paper

DDP insulation paper is made by coating special modified epoxy resin on the high-performance and low dielectric loss insulating paper.

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Slitting & rewinding

We are providing Slitting And rewinding of Polyester Film, Insulation Kraft paper, Crepe Paper, Non woven Fabric and Foils on Job work basis.

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